AREC Media Capture Solution

AREC Media Capture Solution

Your Perfect Live Streaming & Recording Solution all the time

AREC Media Capture Solution is a reliable, easy-to-use, and flexible multi-source live streaming and recording solution across various industries, perfect for creating high quality videos, streaming live events, and hosting a professional conference for teaching, training and remote communication.

With AREC Media Capture Solution, it becomes easy to capture, switch, mix, record, stream and deliver professional video to audience over the Internet, whether live or on demand, locally or remotely. Coming with HDMI-to-USB 3.0 capture dongle, AREC Media Station can work perfectly with most web-based video conferencing, such as Skype, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet, Zoom......

AREC Media Capture Solution is used throughout the world and across the wide range of markets such as school education, enterprise training, meeting recording, surgical teaching, places of worship, government applications and many more.

Arec Media Capture Station Features

AREC Media Station Features

AREC Media Stations support up to 2-ch 4K UHD 30fps/4-ch FHD 60fps capturing, recording, and dual live streaming in H.264 and H.265 video compression. The robust I/O interfaces such as HDMI, RJ-45 (RTSP, RTMP, NDI HX, SRT, Dante Audio), USB (UVC/UAC), a 3.5mm stereo, and 6-pin balanced audio and protocol compatibilities, ONVIF, VISCA over IP, and NDI HX, make the system integration more easily. AREC’s special all-in-one design of creating custom layouts, backgrounds, overlays, and themes benefits users in generating captivating videos. Fully integrated with CMS platforms such as Panopto, Kaltura, and Opencast allows users to make another excellent choice of video capture solutions.

AREC Media Capture video processing capability

Powerful Video Processing Capability

With powerful, high resolution AV processing and network capability, AREC Media Station supports multiple Full HD video sources capturing, mixing, switching, recording and live streaming for non-technical users to produce a creative video easily and efficiently.

The easiest way to produce videos

During recording, users can create videos with custom layouts, overlays, backgrounds, and themes. More than 10 sets of preset video themes to deliver clear topics of paragraphs for your videos.    

AREC Media Capture video production
AREC Media Capture Multi-window layout

Records a video with Multi-window Layout without a video director

If a lecturer or presenter just wants to record (or stream) a video with a fixed layout, a preferred background image and recording layout can be selected from the control buttons on the AREC LS Series or KL-3W Media Station before starting the course. Combination of AREC Auto-Tracking System and Media Station, it is convenient to shooting a video that can automatically track a moving lecturer without any help from other people.

Multiple Synchronized Media Recording

AREC Media Stations supports multiple synchronized video/audio recordings. Users can choose mixed recording (PGM) only or PGM plus source recordings.  Recording in H.264/H.265 compression makes video transmission faster. Recorded video metadata, keynote, and thumbnail will be generated automatically for further CMS integration.

AREC Media Capture Multiple Synchronized Media Recording
AREC Media Capture third party software integration

Comprehensive APIs for the 3rd Party Software Integration

AREC Media Stations come with comprehensive APIs including TCP API, HTTP API, and RS-232 and HID commands for control and software integration. This will allow system integrators to combine AREC Media Stations with other control systems. In addition, APIs give SI more flexibility to connect the metadata and thumbnails from the media stations to the custom system for users.

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