Exhibits & Entertainment

Visual and auditory effects are indispensable elements to set the atmosphere for any stage and exhibition production. Our Exhibits and Entertainment Solution allows you to impress your audience with extraordinary audiovisual effects, and share the performance to thousands of destinations in real-time with lossless audio and video quality, maximizing the audience engagement.

Live Streaming

Our Live Streaming Solution ensures the contents can be broadcasted with zero latency, transmitting real-time lossless audio and video, USB signals, and device control to anywhere. The contents are protected with encryption that meets or exceeds government- and enterprise-level security standards. AVIT works with renowned industry experts in the globe, including CrestronExtronKramer, etc, to provide remarkable Live  Streaming Solutions.

Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting is an essential component of any stage production, creating atmosphere, setting the mood, and highlighting certain elements of the performance. Stage Lighting can visually and emotionally enhance the performance, and increase the engagement for both performers and audience.

Dynamic Lighting Control

Dynamic Lighting Control allows you to swap the mood anytime to fit best to the scenarios, by changing the color, movement, texture, etc. You can preset stunning animations or lighting effects by software, and real-time control is also enabled via the app or web browser. This lighting solution is perfect for fa├žades, stadiums, museums, etc., to create impressive visual effects.

Time-sync Show Control

Show Control Solution gives assistance to the control, supervision and monitoring of lighting, audio, video, and special effects. All the elements can operate automatically by preset scheduling with the Time-sync Show Control System, complementing each other, the audience can be blessed with a marvelous show experience.

Chroma-key Recording

Chroma-key Recording is also known as green screen recording, a common post-production method by eliminating the backdrop. Our comprehensive chroma-key recording solution brings you a seamless production experience, empowering you to produce contents with superior quality.

Immersive Sound

Immersive Sound creates a three-dimensional sound experience, making the music and sound effects livelier, audience will be more focused on the performance. Crisp, clean and clear sound fills up the whole venue, moving the emotions of the audience with the surrounding sound, giving an immersive audience experience.

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