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Transformers: The Ark

Transformers: The Ark is the world’s FIRST-EVER Transformers-themed restaurant, has officially opened in Causeway Bay in April 2023. The design of the restaurant is based on the concept of The Ark, a giant spaceship used by the Autobots in the film, customers can enjoy a unique dining experience with the integration of advanced audiovisual and 3D technologies.

Entering The World of Transformers through the Magnificent Audiovisual Technologies

An iconic 18m x 8.6m Absen P6.6 Outdoor LED Wall is installed on the top of the restaurant’s entrance, integrated with a DT Research Network Signage Player, playing videos of space travel and animations of transformers. Intelligible, high-level sound effects can be delivered with the installation of Bose Professional ArenaMatch Utility AMU-208 Loudspeakers, MB210-WR Outdoor Subwoofer and LEA Professional CONNECT 704D Amplifier. It created a feeling of the spaceship is traveling through space by combining the elements of the spacecraft engine design at the entrance, lighting and sound effects, which draws the attention of everyone, and becomes one of the landmarks in Causeway Bay.

Transformers The Ark
Transformers The Ark

Immersive Transformers Dining Experience with LED Walls and 3D Animations

To recreate the Transformers atmosphere, the theme restaurant is extensively covered by Absen P1.9 LED Walls. Imitating the environment of the spaceship control room, 7 sets of LED Walls with a total size of 19.21 m2 are built surrounding the dining area in a U-shape, and a total of 35.4m2 Ceiling LED Walls are installed above the area. Contents of space scenery are shown on the LED Wall, customers can undergo a space travel experience, as if they are enjoying their meal inside a multi-window spaceship.

Food preparation video by Bumblebee and Optimus Prime inside the “Food Lab” appears through the 15m2 Absen P1.9 L-Shape Naked-eye LED walls, located on the upper deck next to the stairs, customers can view 3D images of Bumblebee & Optimus Prime without using any glasses or other devices.

9 sets of Samsung QB43B 4K Commercial Displays and a 1.83m x 1.72m LED Wall are installed as food menus, menus can be updated via a cloud-based content management system (CMS) by integrating DT Research Network Signage Player.

Transformers The Ark
Transformers The Ark
Transformers The Ark

Traveling The Space with Extraordinary Lighting and Sound Effects

Two floors of the theme restaurant are fully covered by the background music and sound effects with the installation of Bose Professional DesignMax DM5C Loudspeakers, DesignMax DM5SE Loudspeakers and DesignMax DM8C-SUB Subwoofers, offering rich lows and clear, intelligible highs, and instantly impressive bass.

By integrating Traxon e:cue Lighting Control System, dynamic lighting effects can be generated. The brightness of the LED lights around the spacecraft engine design at the entrance will be varied automatically according to the contents of the giant LED Wall, which looks like the spaceship is flying through the universe. All the lighting from the Shopfronts to the indoor can be controlled and managed by using tablets.

With our Time-sync Video solution, all the video contents, lighting and background music of the whole restaurant are preset by programming, the preprogrammed contents and effects will be run on time automatically according to the schedule. Staff can change the video contents and effects in-real time by using the tablets with the control system if any Ad-hoc instructions are received.

AVIT is so grateful to participate in this astonishing theme restaurant project, offering an immersive Transformers world and a remarkable “space” dining journey through our customizing audiovisual solutions with innovative AV/IT technologies.


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