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KeySteps@JC Shatin

"KeySteps@JC" Project is created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, and co-created by several local universities and non-governmental organizations. KeySteps@JC adopts a multidisciplinary collaboration among education, health and welfare on establishment of its hardware and programs, aiming to provide holistic support to children with disadvantaged background and their families, to foster social connectedness. AVIT assists the further development of KeyStep at their Shatin center by taking advantage of advanced audiovisual solutions, providing an ideal extended learning platform for families and schools.

3 Customized Modes For Easy Operation

We preset 3 operation modes based on the requirements from KeySteps@JC Shatin – (1) Guided Tour Mode, (2) Class Monitor Mode and (3) Presentation Mode, end-users can switch the modes effortlessly to cater to different scenarios by using the Central control system with Crestron TS-1070-W-S control panel, C2NI-CB keypad on the wall and an iPad which integrated with Crestron control App.

(1) Daily Mode

This corner is designed as a Parent Area. 5 sets of Samsung 43" displays are reused, 4 of them are mounted portrait as a 1x4 Video Wall on the left and 1 set of Newline 75” 4K UHD Display TT-7523NT is newly installed on the right. All displays are integrated with Brightsign Networked Signage player, each display shows different sources of videos and images, thence our end-user can share their previous event videos and the latest information of the center with parents and visitors, to have a better understanding of their services.

(2) Class Monitor Mode

2 sets of Vitbest CVA-HUN4K 12x Optical PTZ Auto-Tracking cameras are ceiling mounted at the Activity Space, the auto-framing feature allows to adjust the camera’s field of view automatically to capture all children and tutors in the frame. With the deployment of Shure MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphones, the voices of the children and tutors can be captured clearly.

Since the Parent Area and Activity Space are separated by partitions during the classes, the in-class situation will be live-streamed on the 1x4 Video Wall and Newline 75” 4K UHD Display. Parents can monitor the behavior of their children through the display system, and observe how their children get along with others while the parents are not around, to improve their health, emotion, social skills, cognitive and language development for building stronger foundations for better life outcomes of the children.

(3) Presentation Mode

With the Vitbest CVA-HUN4K Auto-Tracking cameras, Shure MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphones and Shure QLXD2/SM58 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone, the Parent Area and Activity Space can also be transformed into an event and meeting space. In addition, end-users can easily present, share, and host a meeting at the Parent Area with the integration of Crestron AirMedia® Wireless Presentation System, contents can be shared on the 1x4 Video Wall and Newline 75” 4K UHD Display from their own devices flawlessly.

Colorful Playground with Vivid Display Solution

6 pieces of P2.0 Bendable 320x160mm LED Wall modules are installed on the tree-shaped column next to the slide, showing different images of animals. Moreover, we reused 6 sets of Samsung 43" displays and turn them into a 1x6 Video Wall, and ceiling mounted at the corner of the Activity Space while another 3 sets are reinstalled next to the Parent Area, vivid images and videos can be broadcasted with the integration of Brightsign Networked Signage player, creating a multicolored world for the children.

Flexible Multi-zone Audio Solution

All their existing JBL ceiling speakers are relocated and fully cover the entire center. Normally, background music is played for all zones synchronously. We also divided them into 8 audio zones, so that different audio inputs can be selected and distributed to the designated zones. For example, end-users can make announcements to the entire facility or guide the children in a specific area by using Shure MX418 + A412B Wired Gooseneck Microphone from their back office, enhancing the usage flexibility of the center.

AVIT is delighted to be a part of this meaningful and fascinating revamp project for KeySteps@JC Shatin, utilizing our cutting-edge ITAV solutions to recreate an optimal extended learning platform for underprivileged children.


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