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Shue Yan University
- Mrs. Dorothy Koo and Dr. Ti Hua Koo Plaza

Shue Yan was founded in 1971 to lower the burden of the acute shortage of tertiary places for local students. In December 2006, Shue Yan College became the first private university in Hong Kong after it was renamed Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) by order of the Chief Executive in Council. To transfer HKSYU Mrs. Dorothy KOO and Dr. Ti Hua KOO Plaza into a multi-function area, AVIT maximizes the flexibility and potential of this area to support all ranges of applications for both educators and students, such as ceremonies, seminars, busking, etc.

AVIT - HKSYU Project

Vivid and durable LED Wall with versatile functionality

A 7320 mm (W) x 2058mm (H) Absen P1.9 GOB LED Wall is installed at Mrs. Dorothy KOO and Dr. Ti Hua KOO Plaza. To protect the LED Wall in this semi-open area, Glue on Board (GOB) technology is adopted that highly protects the LED Wall from any harmful accidents by making it anti-collision, waterproof and dustproof. Featuring Crestron AirMedia® Wireless Presentation System, educators and students can turn the area into a discussion area, sharing contents from their laptops, smartphones, and tablet devices wirelessly.

2 sets of Lumens VC-TR40 AI auto-tracking cameras are built at the front and back, presenters are always in the spotlight during live streaming and virtual meetings, as the cameras will continuously track the presenters’ movement left and right, forwards and backward. Vice versa, the LED Wall is able to broadcast live videos from the campus, and audiences can virtually join the ceremonies, conferences, etc., through Zoom or Teams meetings at Mrs. Dorothy KOO and Dr. Ti Hua KOO Plaza.

Satisfying all the applications with ultimate Audio and Stage Lighting Solution

AVIT - HKSYU Project
AVIT - HKSYU Project

With the integration of the Sennheiser EW-DX and 800 series microphone system, AtlasIED SM8CXT-B 8" 2-Way Compression Driver Coaxial Surface Mount Speaker and PM8FA-B 8" 2-way Pendent Mount Speaker, ensuring all the voices can be clearly captured and delivered in this semi-open space. offering a superb audio quality for meetings and performances. Connecting with an LEA Professional Connect354D Smart IoT amplifier, the technical support team can effortlessly remote control, monitor and manage the system via their personal devices anytime and anywhere with the cloud connectivity features.

The Martin ELP PAR static LED fixture brings the stage lighting system to the next level, filling the area with color and creating stunning beam effects. Impressive lighting effects can be easily generated by the Vari-lite FLX S24 Console, with its  7” multitouch screen, physical encoders, and dedicated physical buttons. Users can set the right mood whether formal seminars or artistic performances, enhancing the audience engagement. All the audiovisual equipment can be controlled by an Apple iPad, which has been programmed and integrated with the Crestron Control App.

Maximizing the flexibility of school spaces can benefit both educators and students, not only increasing the utilization of spaces, but also enhancing the possibility of the school, students can enjoy an incredible and colorful learning journey.


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