Video Distribution & Streaming

We offer a broad range of Video Distribution and Streaming Solutions, including but not limited to AV Over IP (AVoIP), Video Matrix and HDBaseT, transporting ultra high-definition audio and video sources to a multitude of endpoint devices instantaneously with lossless quality and tight security. Superb and smooth Video Distribution and Streaming Solution can optimize your business communication and captivate the target audiences. AVIT works with renowned industry experts around the globe, including Arec, Crestron, Extron, Kramer, etc, to provide remarkable Video Distribution and Streaming Solutions.

AV Over IP (AVoIP)

AV Over IP technology not only allows to transmit ultra high-definition 4K60 4:4:4 video, but also audio, USB signals, and device control, over standard Gigabit Ethernet with no perceptible latency or loss of quality. The contents are highly protected with encryption that meets or exceeds government- and enterprise-level security standards.

Video Matrix

Video Matrix technology enables to route multiple audio/video sources to multiple audio/video endpoint devices with high stability and security via the matrix switchers. Video Matrix solution is leveraged in a variety of environments, such as control rooms, data centers, auditoriums, and etc.


HDBaseT Video Distribution and Streaming Solution can deliver 5 key signal elements, also known as HDBaseT 5Play, including audiovisual, Ethernet, power, USB and control signals through a standard single category cable. Multiple uncompressed 4K signals can be distributed simultaneously over a single Cat cable up to 100m without any signal degradation or distortion.

Multimedia Recording and Playback

Multimedia Recording and Playback Solution facilitates you to live streaming while recording and backup the contents simultaneously. The recorded multimedia sources can be remotely managed, played back, edited for post-production, and even can be distributed to thousands of destinations.


IPTV (Internet Protocol television) delivers media content, videos, broadcast TV, or live streams over an IP network. IPTV solution provides a unique and amazing user experience with customized interface layouts, showcasing your brand identity, which is perfect for enterprises and hospitality.

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