Conferencing & Collaboration

Regardless of how large or small the venue is, Our Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions are capable of transforming the space into a versatile communication hub. AVIT supports your team to have a seamless communication and collaboration experience, no matter where you are, in person or remote, you can enjoy meeting equality, and always be a step ahead of the others, achieving your business goals effortlessly.

Professional Display

Professional Display is a must-have workspace technology for communication and collaboration in meeting rooms. 4K UHD display contributes to the clarity and color accuracy of images, meeting attendees can receive accurate information with high resolution, greatly reducing the misunderstandings and confusion caused by blurry or unclear images. Various professional display solutions are designed for any size of meeting room, such as video walls, LED walls, and all-in-one interactive displays.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Audio and Video Conferencing Solution enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of communication, supporting you to achieve your business goals. We tailor the right Audiovisual Conferencing Solution that delivers high-fidelity audio and intelligent video, based on the room sizes and your requirements. Our conferencing solutions are capable of different virtual meeting software with a simple join experience, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom. And speaker tracking and group framing features, both on-site and remote participants can enjoy meeting equality.

Wireless Presentation & Collaboration

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Solution supports AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast screen mirroring, participants are able to share and collaborate by using any BYOD laptops and mobiles. With multi-source presentation function, participants can share multiple screens on the display simultaneously.

Microphone System

Audio is one of the core elements affecting the meeting quality. A superior Microphone System can discreetly and precisely capture every word from speakers, ensuring all the meeting attendees are always on the same page. Security encryption secures your meeting with unbreakable privacy and confidentiality. A variety of microphone systems including wireless microphones, table microphones, ceiling microphones, etc., not only are suitable for different applications but also can fit the interior designs harmoniously.

Sound Reinforcement

Besides deploying a flawless microphone system for a perfect audio reception, sound distribution also is crucial to audience engagement. The audience may not be able to hear the presenter clearly in large venues. Sound Reinforcement Solution provides excellent sound quality and robust sound levels for the entire audience by the amplification of the presenter’s voice, guaranteeing everyone in the room is an equal participant during conferencing and collaboration.

Digital Discussion System

Digital Discussion System is an ideal and fully-featured conferencing solution for boardrooms, council chambers, or convention halls. The chairperson can guide and manage the discussions by remotely activating or deactivating delegate microphones. Touchscreen display or illuminated touch buttons allow for voting, language selection and more options. Wireless Digital Discussion System is ready for any scenario with its high scalability and plug-and-play installation.

Simultaneous Interpretation System

Optimal Simultaneous Interpretation System facilitates multinational participants to receive accurate messages in their native language from Interpreters in real-time clearly and reliably during multilingual conferences. Delegates can conveniently listen to the speaker in their preferred language with the language selector feature. Portable Simultaneous Interpretation System enables delegates to enjoy complete freedom of movement with pocket receivers.

Digital Podium

Digital Podium assists speakers to impress their audience with a smooth presentation. Speakers can take control of the whole presentation, sharing their presentation contents by connecting their own devices with the digital podium, and managing the audiovisual equipment easily with the multi-touch speaker screen.

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