Security and Paging

Security is a crucial aspect of any business. AVIT Security and Paging Solution allows you to have real-time monitoring and management, protecting your employees and business assets from unforeseen emergencies and threats, and supervising if any irregularities take place that jeopardize your business. Under the circumstance, decisive action can be taken immediately, to minimize the damage that hurt your business.

Video Surveillance

Obtaining with Security Company Licence (Type III Security Work) and Security Personnel Permit, AVIT is permitted to provide design, installation, and maintenance of high-end video surveillance solutions, to deter crime with recording for legal purposes. Our Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) Solution can also be integrated with other systems, such as Access control, Fire alarm, etc.

Video Monitoring

Except for video surveillance solutions, we also offer flexible Video Monitoring Solutions. Our video monitoring solution can be applied and integrated for a wide range of scenarios, including people counting, License plate recognition, Body Temperature Monitoring, and more.


Paging solution is well-suited for a variety of industry applications, from offices to education facilities to transportation hubs. It allows instant communication with staff and visitors for an entire facility or designated zones just at the push of a button. Scheduled Paging enables routine notifications set in advance.

Access Control

All businesses require reliable and convenient Access Control Systems to secure their employees and facilities. You can find the right approach to fit your business with a wide variety of authentication technologies, including badge, QR code, mobile access, fingerprint, facial recognition, etc. Real-time monitoring and control are allowed via web-based management platforms, reports can also be generated for detecting any irregularities in people flow and staff operations.

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation System guides everyone to escape from an area containing imminent or ongoing threats efficiently and safely. Alarm signals can be delivered from one centralized control point to the entire facility via a wide range of audiovisual systems, such as digital signage, paging, etc.

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