Lighting & Central Control

Lighting & Central Control Solution empowers you to own the control of the room by flexibly controlling in-room audiovisual systems, lighting, shades, climate control, and security, with user-friendly control interface. AVIT collaborates with global lighting & central Control experts, including Crestron, Lutron, Extron, etc., guaranteeing you a top-class control experience.

Central Control

Central Control Solution enables complete control of AV systems, lighting, shades, climate control, security, and other systems via the control panels. With customized and user-friendly control panel interfaces, users can take control of the whole room with just a few taps.

Lighting Control

Lighting Control Solution assists in creating an energy-efficient workplace. Energy savings can be optimized by reducing redundant lighting usage in unoccupied spaces with occupancy sensors. Advanced Dynamic Lighting also allows you to change the color, movement, texture and more, giving the audience an astonishing visual effect.

Home Automation

With the deployment of Home Automation Solution, you can convert your home into a smart home to boost your living standard. Lighting, shades, temperature, security, and other systems can be adjusted and monitored via your mobile devices, increasing energy efficiency throughout your home.

Show Control

Show Control Solution gives assistance to the control, supervision and monitoring of lighting, audio, video, and special effects. All the elements can operate automatically by preset scheduling with the Time-sync Show Control System, complementing each other, hence the audience can be blessed with a marvelous show experience.

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