Smart Education

Audiovisual technology has become one of the indispensable elements in education over the last decade. Our Smart Education Solution assists educators in having instant communication, whether in-person or online. Students can also break the barriers, connecting with worldwide experts and professionals from different fields, broadening their horizon enriching their experience.

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard has become a must-have education technology from kindergarten to university. Contents can be shared by connecting the devices from educators and students, enhancing learning engagement through interactive collaboration and communication. Hybrid Learning can also be adopted by using interactive whiteboards, with the features of all-in-one video conferencing, whiteboard annotation, etc.

Healthcare Simulation Learning

Healthcare Simulation Learning enables medical students and trainees to have realistic training sessions with a variety of patient simulators. Audio, video, annotations, patient monitors, and simulator data of the in-situ simulation training can be captured in a single web-based interface. Learners can improve from time to time by evaluating their performance via the simulation learning.

Virtual Reality Simulation Learning

Virtual Reality Simulation Learning allows learners to practice and develop their skills in safe and immersive 3D lifelike scenarios with simulated real-world tools and machinery. VR Simulation Learning is adopted in various fields, including healthcare, aviation, construction, and more.

Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture Solution assists educators in recording the lectures automatically by scheduling recordings ahead of time, the lecture recordings can be accessed with the integration with your Learning Management Systems (LMS), available for educators to review, edit, stream and manage afterwards. Arec Media Capture Solution is perfectly for lecture recording and streaming.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning has become a staple of the modern education approach. Our Hybrid Learning solution helps educators provide a seamless synchronous learning experience with advanced EdTech, both students from in-person and virtual learning will not be off the track with the real-time communication.

Digital Podium

Digital Podium assists speakers to impress their audience with a smooth presentation. Speakers can take control of the whole presentation, sharing their presentation contents by connecting their own devices with the digital podium, and managing the audiovisual equipment easily with the multi-touch speaker screen.

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation is a crucial solution, guiding all staff and students can efficiently and safely escape from an area containing imminent or ongoing threats. Alarm signals can be delivered from one centralized control point to the entire facility via a wide range of audiovisual systems, such as digital signage, paging, etc.

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