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Visual communication is a vital factor for all businesses, no matter how to boost your productivity in the workspace or enhance your brand awareness in the public, 4K UHD Professional Displays offer stunning and vivid images, enabling you to draw the attention of your target audience. AVIT provides a wide range of state-of-the-art Display Walls and Professional Display Solutions, satisfying your visual demand in different scenarios.

LCD Video Wall

LCD video wall is a large display solution composed of multiple ultra-narrow bezel LCD screens, offering extraordinary image quality with high reliability, are designed for use in control rooms, showrooms, meeting rooms, educational facilities, retail spaces and more.

LED Wall

LED Wall delivers a seamless image with superior color, scalability to any size or shape to meet your demands, and a wide range of pixel pitches for various indoor and outdoor applications, such as shopping malls, stadiums, theaters, malls or public spaces.

Transparent LED Wall / LCD Display

Transparent LED Wall and Transparent LCD Display provide wide-open views without obstructing the view by the black background of traditional displays. The transparent surfaces allow the screen to blend into the architectural and interior design smoothly, which is perfect for store-fronts, shopping malls, entertainment venues, etc.

Naked Eyed 3D LED Wall

Naked Eyed 3D LED Wall is the latest innovation technology in the display industry, offering immersive stereoscopic 3D visual effects without the need for any special glasses or devices. The Naked Eyed 3D technology is capable of application on both flat and curved LED Walls.

Interactive Display

With multi-touch capabilities, Interactive Display enhances interactive collaboration and engagement among users. More than just a touch screen, it also features all-in-one video conferencing, content sharing, whiteboard annotation and etc. This has become an essential display solution in the workplace, classrooms and collaboration spaces. Newline Interactive would be one of the best choices for your business!


Projection is one of the cost-effective solutions with high versatility. Tremendous and seamless viewable image size can be projected with the integration of Edge Blending Technology, merging images with multi-projectors. Projection Mapping Technology enables audiences to enjoy an immersive and artistic visual experience, by mapping contents onto any surface.

3D Hologram

3D Hologram is a three-dimensional projection solution, the 3D object floats inside the Holo-Display, which is created by light refraction. 3D Hologram solution allows you to showcase your products and digital content in a unique way, creating an impressive and engaging viewer experience with the 3D presentation.

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