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 Victoria's Secret Flagship Store

Victoria’s Secret is a Fortune 500 American retailer with 1,360 retail stores in over 70 countries, well-known around the globe for its fashion-inspired and seductive lingerie. In July 2018, the luxury lingerie brand opened its five-story flagship store with a total of 50,000 square foot at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.

An incredible shopping experience under an unbeatable visual feast

A gigantic 3-story high curved 13x6 Video Wall is installed next to the stairs inside the store, formed by a total of 78 pieces of NEC 46” Ultra-narrow bezel LCD Video Wall Displays vertically, with a size of 7,445.1mm (W) x 6,108.6mm (H). The industrial-strength, premium-grade NEC panel with additional thermal protection, internal temperature sensors with self-diagnostics, and fan-based technology allows for 24/7 operation, securing the reliability and longevity of the video wall.

By integrating the Crestron DM-MD16X16 DigitalMedia™ Switcher, multi 4K ultra high-definition videos with lossless quality can be delivered. Showcasing the Fashion Show videos and commercial trailers on the giant video wall, customers are surrounded by numerous Victoria's Secret Angels with fancy lingerie, placing the customers into the fascinating Victoria’s Secret World, arousing the customers' desire to purchase.

Moreover, a set of 4x3 LCD Video Wall formed by 55”  NEC Ultra-narrow bezel panels are also built inside the store. The 3x3 LCD Video Wall is installed with a Human Sensor and Ambient Light Sensor, it helps to deliver creative digital signage to customers by allowing for dynamic control of brightness, audio and source inputs while saving operating costs. Auto dimming adjusts the backlight of the LCD automatically depending on the amount of ambient light.


Immerse into the Victoria's Secret world with full coverage of background music

The five-story flagship store is fully covered by background music with the installation of over 100 sets of JBL speakers, providing excellent sound quality for a wide variety of medium to high volume applications. Background music creates a comfortable atmosphere, making customers more relaxed and willing to spend more time in the store, which may lead to sales increment. With the integration of BSS EC-8BV Ethernet Controller, staff can easily select the audio sources or adjust the music volume by using the 8 Buttons and Volume Control panel. Furthermore, a Crestron TSW-1060 control panel is installed to control and monitor the audiovisual system of the store.

An outstanding audiovisual system integration can bring a significant influence on retail shops, not only providing a wonderful customer experience to improve brand image and awareness, but also empowering you to increase sales by offering a delightful environment.


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