Professional Audio

Extraordinary audio quality offers effective communication during meetings, ensuring all the participants do not miss out on any details caused by mushy audio. And outstanding background music and sound masking also set the atmosphere of the retail shops and workspaces, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for employees, visitors and customers, leading your business to reach profit maximization. AVIT Professional Audio Solutions can satisfy your needs for different applications with the best global brands, such as AtlasIED, Bose Professional, Shure, Xilica and more. 

Public Address

Public Address Solution allows instant communication with staff and visitors for an entire facility or designated zones by increasing the apparent volume of vocals, recorded sound, or music. PA System is commonly used a part of an emergency communication system in education facilities, public facilities, transportation hubs, etc.

Background Music

Background Music (BGM) can elevate the mood, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Considering your business requirements, we customize the most suitable solution with top-notch background music equipment. Invisible speakers would be a good choice for BGM, emanating remarkable sound quality seamlessly throughout the space without any visual footprint.

Sound Reinforcement

Sound distribution also is crucial to audience engagement. The audience may not be able to hear the presenter clearly in large venues. Sound Reinforcement Solution provides excellent sound quality and robust sound levels for the entire audience by the amplification of the presenter’s voice, guaranteeing everyone in the room is an equal participant during conferencing and collaboration.

Sound Masking

Sound Masking System helps to maintain a peaceful and productive workplace environment. By generating a soft, subtle ambient background sound which is specifically engineered to the frequency of human speech, similar to the sound of airflow, noisy distractions can be muffled out effectively through specially-designed loudspeakers.

Immersive Sound

Immersive Sound creates a three-dimensional sound experience, making the music and sound effects livelier, audience will be more focused on the performance. Crisp, clean and clear sound fills up the whole venue, moving the emotions of the audience with the surrounding sound, giving an immersive audience experience.

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