Dante Domain Manager

Audinate Dante Domain Manager

Secure, organize and manage your AV network

Dante Domain Manager is the essential hub for all Dante networks. SeJcure devices, manage users, organize rooms and functions, and run your AV seamlessly over routed networks.

Elevating AV System Management

An essential infrastructure for service providers, integrators, IT and AV managers of installed AV-over-IP systems, Dante Domain Manager works in tandem with the familiar Dante Controller application to bring IT-level rigor and scalability while retaining Dante’s legendary ease of use.

Audinate dante domain manager interface
Audinate Dante Domain Manager key features

Logical Site Organization

Organize your Dante network into independent, non-interfering groups of audio and video devices called domains for an independent operational view into each space, across your entire network.

Subnet Routing

Dante Domain Manager lets you expand your Dante network across subnet boundaries with no change in performance. Expand the range, size and reach of your AV-over-IP system with Dante Domain Manager.

User Authentication Security

Manage access to your Dante network with user authentication and roles. Enable each staff member or volunteer to view and change only the setting that they need and integrate with LDAP/Active Directory for user authentication management.

Monitoring, Alerts & Audits

Know about any issues before they become problems for your users. Monitor your Dante network with the dashboard, alerts and a complete audit log allows to identify improper workflows, malfunctioning devices, and unwanted user actions quickly and definitively.

SMPTE 2110 & AES67

Dante Domain Manager simplifies implementation of SMPTE 2110 and AES67, allowing sync with house clocks and integration with Dante devices, ensuring optimal interoperability in broadcast environments.

Dante Managed API

Integrate Dante control into third-party products and services such as touch panels and monitoring software. Build automations that instantly configure your Dante network for any task, any workflow.

Learn more about Dante Managed API >

High Availability Reliability

Add on additional piece of mind by adding high-availability to your Dante Domain Manager. By adding an optional failover server, you can ensure optimal availability for critical use cases.

Audinate dante domain manager

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