Dante AVIO Adapters

Network Everything with Audinate Dante AVIO Adapters

Use your favorite legacy audio gear with any Dante-connected system

Cost effective, compact and built for the road, Dante AVIO adapters bring the modern AoIP connectivity that every audio pro needs in their toolbox.

Plug and Play

Dante AVIO adapters are all fully-functional Dante interfaces, with all the features you’d expect from Dante networking.

  • Bit-perfect audio reproduction
  • Super-low latency
  • Sample-accurate synchronization across the entire network
Audinate Dante AVIO Adapters all lineup
Audinate Dante AVIO Adapters Bluetooth


Provide wireless connectivity to any Dante network

Audinate Dante AVIO Adapters USB-C


Connect any computer to a Dante network with zero software installation

Audinate Dante AVIO-Adapters Analog Input

Analog Input

Use analog audio line-level source gear you already own to feed any Dante-connected system

Audinate Dante AVIO-Adapters Analog Output

Analog Output

Drive analog line-level products you already own from any Dante-connected system

Audinate Dante AVIO-Adapters AES3


Use your favorite digital audio gear on a Dante network

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