Offision Smart Office Platform

Offision ─ AI-driven Smart Office Platform

Offision is a new all-in-one smart office platform which is developed by ONES Software. This flexible subscription-based Mobile App empowers you to manage and optimize your workplace, from desk and room to equipment booking with big data analytics support.

Offision Smart office room bookingOffision Smart office room booking
Offision Smart office desk bookingOffision Smart office desk booking
Offision Smart office visitor managementOffision Smart office visitor management
Offision Smart Office AI assistanceOffision Smart Office AI assistance
Offision Smart Office cross platform supportOffision Smart Office cross platform support
Offision Smart Office 3D map directoryOffision Smart Office 3D map directory
Offision Smart office digital signageOffision Smart office digital signage
Smart office ROI measureSmart office ROI measure
Smart office analytics reportSmart office analytics report
Offision Smart office connect your people

Connect Your People Just with One App

The smart workplace app delivers exceptional convenience for scheduling workplaces, resource reservations, visitor management, and more.

Integrated With popular workplace platforms

Connect Offision with our ready-to-use integrations for whatever you need, or use our custom API to connect everything else.

Offision Smart Office support popular workplace platforms
Offision Smart Office 5min easy setup

Easy Set-up with less than 5 minutes

Start to use the AI-driven Smart Office platform for FREE! Then you can set up your smart workplace within a few minutes. No hardware required. Get started quickly.

Detailed Workspace analytics

Get insight in Offision to make data-reliable decisions for your workplace with our big data analytics support. Our Administrator Dashboard provides overall workplace analytics at once.



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